FORMULA CAR F1-02 EVO 190 mm


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Lab F1-01 1/10 Formula car kit is an rc electric model. Lab F1-01 stands on best in its category, exstrmesing the building concepts typical of this category.

  • simplicity
  • lightness
  • quickness during setting of tilting elements

Lab F1-01 has a strong and innovative rear pod. It is enough to act to two screws to set the height. Every single setting has the same principle of acting without necessity of disassemble. Rear axle is equipped with a ball differential with traction regulation conceived to assure high traction and great uniformity between the two rear wheels. The lower back pod among with its oblique damper is mounted on two settable springs creating a totally pivoting system.

The light weight front is mounted on a sliding system on which the upper triangles are mounted allowing the caster setting to be easy fast and equal on both sides.

Steering servo is mounted on an ergal 7075 sliding support allowing to set the ackermann only acting on 2 screws.

Lab F1-01 has the same materials as all our production and it is sold with front and rear wings approved on international competitions.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 6 cm