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LAB C8 SR electric pan car kit for the new 1/8th stock classes. The car utilises a slim carbon fibre main chassis with a rigid rear end and a front swing axle with carbon fibre double wishbone suspension and easy-to-adjust camber settings using a pivot ball suspension while the caster setting is adjustable via the upper arm plate. Other features include a slim upper deck/battery mount that, by the look of things, can be adapted for both standard and shorty battery packs and chassis flex is taken control of by an adjustable rod that spans from the single bellcrank servo saver towards the front battery brace. Other noticeable features include a carbon fibre fan mount, carbon fibre rear body mount braces as well as carbon fibre belt tensions brackets and what appears to be a quick change main gear hub that accepts standard 1/8th 2nd gear spur gears. The car is usable with a single 4S pack, dual 2S standard or dual 2S shorty packs.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 6 cm