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The follow-up model to the popular C803 sees a lot of updates to offer increased overall grip while still being nimble and easy to drive. The vehicle is based on a new symmetrical flex main chassis, it features a narrow rear end and new symmetrical design rear lower and upper arms with the parts being moulded from a harder composite. New for the 804 is also the possibility to use a rear link instead of an upper arm and the new rear bulkhead incorporates the sway bar mount. Also new are the 2-speed bulkheads, the brake lever, servo saver as well as the front bulkheads and upper arm hangers. Like the rear arms the front arms are of a symmetrical design and moulded from a harder composite material. Other features include a new front swaybar adjustment system, a new plastic centre radio tray mount and a shorter front wheelbase. The kit is rounded out by a new radio tray and radio box as well as precision front and rear hubs.

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